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例如:My first job was a net supervisor in a small company. Although I worked there for only six months, I had wide experiences in 术语. But I gradually focused on(术语). So I took part in the Red Hat Authorization test and passed it with honor. In 2010, I was accepted by the Information Department, China Unicom,in charge of专业.

To be honest, this position brings me good salary and a promotion opportunity, however, I decided to apply for the Master of 术语… And that’s why I'm here. 2010年毕业在小公司做半年网管,考取红帽中级认证(Red Hat Authorization),经过三轮面试,进入中国联通的信息化部录用,系统维护工程师。工作努力、薪酬好、有提升机会。


办法1:说永远对的:Being open to new theories and new ideas is important, especially in telecommunications. Knowledge from field work tells others what you can do, but that from theoretical studies tells others how you’re inventive, creative and sensible. I think postgraduate studies at this university can give me a mental power and realistic approach.接受新的理论、新思想、新的挑战是很重要的,所以准备考研、工作中学习的知识来自经验,但是必须有理论的验证,才有继续发展

办法2:挑选一个熟悉的,用自己的经历简述:The cutting-edge technology focuses on 自己会的术语. Its guideline is like this: A company needs a powerful machine, and wants to lower its cost. So as an engineer, I tried to put some out-of-date equipment and servers together. To do so, I had to use some integrated technology, for example, (用简写和代码代替:VM, WWK and AMX). 现在的前沿技术是…,其基本设想为,公司处于成本节约,将一些即将淘汰的、低配置的设备或者服务器通过软件技术以逻辑的形式进行整合、以得到一台功能强大的高性能计算机,这样做,就必须运用合成技术,如…

办法3:不提理论,说自己的职责:The team had to work round the clock and checked it up from time to time. In this way, the whole system wouldn’t crash. Other feedback mechanism includes术语(如一些常用的设备或者零部件名称:如servers, data base as well as hard disc)


直接说“我不清楚”就可以了,别硬撑着:In this process, I’m in charge of the maintenance of servers. So my knowledge in 不熟悉的领域is limited. Sorry, it is difficult for me to say more. But I know that it is important, and it is my plan to keep track of its latest trend. In this way, I can improve my analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities, especially during my postgraduate studies.由于我在这个工作过程中主要负责服务器维,其他领域的知识有涉及,但是不熟悉,但是我也逐渐意识到它在专业中的重要性,尤其是在我读研期间。


改专业:I show keen interest in the law studies, the commercial and economic laws in particular, even though my major is Economics. You might ask me why, well, let’s tell you like this. Economics are too abstract, full of terms, far away from the real world. I don’t mean that economics is useless. But law studies seem more challenging, and promising for my future career. My plan is like this: start my work in a law firm and work as a lawyer so that I can try my best to help the clients, who they’re and where they’re from, whether they’re rich or poor. That’s why I made up my mind to change my major and applied for this law school. 我对法学感兴趣,尤其是商法和经济法,尽管我的专业是经济,您可能问我为什么该专业,嗯,这么说吧,经济比较抽象,术语多,脱离现实世界。当然我不是说经济没有用,对它也没有偏见。不过我觉得法学更挑战性,也更有前途:我的计划是:在律所开始我的工作,尽己所能帮助客户,无论他们是谁,来自哪里,是贫穷还是富有。所以我决定改专业,申请法学院。



martial arts---武术 Taekwondo---跆拳道 judo---柔道

Chinese painting---中国画 calligraphy---书法 art gallery---画廊

oil painting---油画 watercolor---水彩画 ink painting---水墨画

impressionism---印象派 abstract style---抽象风格 surrealism---超现实主义

jazz---爵士乐 classical music---古典音乐 light music---轻音乐

heavy metal---重金属摇滚乐 stamp collection---集邮 coin collection---硬币收藏

postcard collection---明信片收集 play computer game---玩电脑游戏 play chess---下棋

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.—— 只学习不玩耍,聪明孩子也变傻

personal interests and hobbies---个人兴趣爱好 fly a kite---放风筝

cultivating the habit of reading books---培养读书的习惯 fiction---小说

detective fiction---侦探小说 realistic fiction---现实主义小说 periodical---期刊

ball games/ball sports---球类运动 badminton---羽毛球 table tennis---乒乓球

squash---壁球 bowling---保龄球 volleyball---排球

climbing---登山 adventurous sports/extreme sports---极限运动

bungee jumping---蹦极 freediving---自由潜水 rock climbing---攀岩

Good health is over wealth.—— 健康是最大的财富。 sand boarding---滑沙


blueprint---蓝图 build self-esteem---树立自尊 live in vain---虚度光阴

pursue sth./ in the pursuit of sth.---追求某物set a goal---设立目标 goal-setting---目标设立

material life---物质生活 pursuit of material wealth---追求物质财富

spiritual life---精神生活 spiritual pursuit---精神财富 folklore---民间传说

No pains, no gains.—— 一份耕耘,一份收获。 cultural heritage---文化遗产

Knowledge is power.—— 知识就是力量。 Honesty is the best policy.—— 诚实至上

Actions speak louder than words.—— 事实胜于雄辩。

God helps those who help themselves.—— 自助者天助之。

A friend in need is a friend indeed.—— 患难见真情。


wechat---微信 microblog---微博 friendship circle---朋友圈

follower---粉丝 post---发帖 profile---个人资料

topic---话题 blogosphere---博客空间 blogger---博主

cybercitizen---网民 attachment---附件 upload---上传

download---下载 privacy settings---隐私设置 podcast---播客

user---用户 social network site---社交网站 authorship---原创作者

real-time news update---实时新闻更新 online---在线 offline---离线

chatter---聊天者 live blogging---实时博客 market goods---营销商品

platform---平台 group chat---群聊 text message---文本信息


bill---账单 reservation---预定座位 order---点餐 menu---菜单 starve---饥饿 dish---菜肴

steak---牛排 sandwich---三明治 straw---吸管

dessert---甜点 buffet---自助餐 appetizer---开胃菜

steak---牛排 cheese---奶酪 fast food---快餐

snack---(正餐之间的)小吃 sea food---海鲜 fried food---油炸食品

fish and chips---炸鱼和炸薯条 fruit pie---水果派 noodle---面条

cashier---出纳 budget---预算 banquet---宴会

welcome party---欢迎派对 farewell party---告别会 venue---举办地点

first course---头盘 main course---主菜 pasta---意大利面

vegetable salad---蔬菜沙拉 fruit salad---水果沙拉 spaghetti---意大利细面

macaroni---通心粉 sausage---香肠 barbecue---自助烧烤

lamb chop---羊排 pork chop---猪排 pizza---披萨

onion---洋葱 sauce---酱汁 curry---咖喱

salmon---三文鱼 oyster---生蚝 tuna---金枪鱼

sushi---寿司 sashimi---生鱼片 pepper---胡椒

cater---提供餐饮服务 soft drink---不含酒精的饮料 soup---汤

pudding---布丁 coffee---咖啡 soy drink---豆浆

ice cream---冰淇淋 spring water---矿泉水 fruit juice---果汁

sparkling water---苏打水 sparkling wine—气泡酒 wine---红酒

white wine---白葡萄酒 champagne---香槟 takeout---外卖

pay the bill---买单 go Dutch---AA制 treat sb.---请某人吃饭

Have you made any reservations? 请问您是否有预订呢?

The bill, please! / Check, please! 买单!

That comes to $ 78.90. 一共是78.90美元。


clinic---门诊部、诊所 surgeon---外科医生 physician---内科医生

headache---头疼 cough---咳嗽 vomit---呕吐

have a runny nose—流鼻涕 phlegm---痰 itch---冷

epidemic---传染的 disease/illness---疾病 examine---检查

eyesight---视力 pain---疼痛 wound---创伤

injury---损伤 fracture---骨折 diagnosis---诊断

symptom---症状 prescribe---开药方 recipe---药方

treatment---治疗 sneeze---打喷嚏 nausea/ feel sick---恶心

bruise---青肿 swelling---肿胀 homesick---想家的

case---病例 twist one’s angle---扭脚 faint---晕厥

fracture---骨折 bump---肿块 diet---饮食

no big deal---没什么大事 have a high fever---发烧 ward---病房

acute disease---急性病 chronic disease---慢性病 diarrhea---腹泻

allergy---过敏 flu---流感 pneumonia---肺炎

injection---注射 vaccinate---注射疫苗 capsule---胶囊

take a blood test---验血 take a blood pressure---测血压

syrup---糖浆 dosage---剂量 antibiotics---抗生素

make an appointment with the doctor---与大夫预约 sore throat---咽喉痛

first-aid kit---急救箱 side effects---副作用 sleeping pill---安眠药

bandage---绷带 gauze---纱布 ointment---药膏

take a blood pressure---测血压 lose consciousness---失去知觉


occupation/ vocation职业 profession 职业,专业

interviewer面试官 personnel manager 人事部经理

human resource 人力资源 interviewee面试者

recruit招聘,招生 job fair招聘会,人才市场

personnel market人才市场 application letter求职信,申请信

resume 简历,自传 C.V. (curriculum vitae) 简历

letter of reference/recommendation推荐信

surname姓氏 full name 全名

birth date 出生日期 gender 性别

university attended 毕业院校 college 学院,大学,学会

high school 高中 secondary school 初中,中等学校

computer science 计算机科学 programming 编程,程序编制

accounting 会计 finance 金融

applicant 申请人 candidate求职者,候选人

male/female 男性/女性 contact 联系方式,联系

sociology 社会学,群体生态学 medicine 医学

law 法律 philosophy 哲学

civil engineering 土木工程

teamwork团队合作 workload 工作负荷,工作量

challenging有挑战性的 well-paid 高薪,待遇优厚的

salary / wage / pay / income工资 allowance 津贴

tourism and hospitality management旅游与酒店管理

social and public policy社会公共政策

employment background 工作背景 unemployed失业的,待业

qualification资历,资格 colleague / workmate同事

previous position 前任职位 job responsibilities工作职责

routine work日常工作 night shift 夜班,夜班工人

bonus奖金,红利 commission佣金,手续费

part-time兼职 promotion 晋升,升职

benefit 福利 insurance 保险,赔偿金


renting a house

Land lord或 land lady(房东) dormitory 学生宿舍

hostel hotel旅馆 flat公寓

bedsitters客厅 rural areas乡下

suburb郊区 downtown市中心

single room单间 double bedroom双人间

bathroom洗手间 kitchen厨房

balcony阳台 shower淋浴

central heater加热器 radiators散热器

refrigerator冰箱 carpet地毯

microwave微波炉 central air-conditioning中央空调

electric stores电炉 radiators暖气

electricity电力 utensil器具

bed linen被单和枕套 spread床罩

pillow枕头 mattress床垫

toaster烤面包机 dryer烘干机

entrance hall门廊 pay weekly/ monthly周付款、月付款

blackout停电,断电   currency货币

Canadian dollars加拿大元 Australian dollars澳元

Pound英镑 Japanese Yen日元

courtyard院子 garage车库,修车厂

fence栅栏 fountain喷泉

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